Log Entry: Dark Night

This is one of those posts where you don’t say much, because there’s nothing to add that hasn’t already been said or that doesn’t simply condescend and patronize people.  So for anyone who loves movies, this sums up much of what I’ve been thinking.


Log Entries: 07/11/2012

FIRST UP, DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER NOLAN HAS REVEALED that The Dark Knight Rises, is in fact an adaptation of the classic literary work, “A Tale of Two Cities” … NEXT, THE HOBBIT has wrapped principal photography … PRODUCERS OF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN have revealed that two more films are now in pre-production, making the initial film part of an overall trilogy … MARVEL, meanwhile, has put a film into development based upon it’s comic characters, Guardians of the Galaxy.  And they’ve also began developing other lesser known Marvel characters, The Human Fly and Ant Man, for feature film production … ACTOR KARL (DR. MCCOY IN ABRAM’S STAR TREK) URBAN has confirmed that the plot of the next Star Trek film is very closely associated with the 2’nd Pilot of the original TV Series, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” … DAN AYKROYD recently did an interview revealing that a new writer (Etan [Men in Black III] Cohen) has been hired to re-envision Ghostbusters IIIA TEASER POSTER has arrived for Pacific Rim, the giant robots vs. giant monster aliens movie, produced and directed by the man who brought you Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth:


MAD MAX DIRECTOR, GEORGE MILLER has finally gotten Mad Max: Fury Road beyond the pre-production stage and shooting on location, after literally decades.  Tom (Star Trek: Nemesis, Inception) Hardy replaces Mel Gibson in the iconic role of Max.  Charlize Theron has reportedly shaved her head for her role in the film.  Here’s an unofficial set photo of the production shooting now.   THE STARSHIP TROOPERS remake will, according to Producers, be less violent, allowing for a PG-13 rating.  They do, however, promise that more of Robert Heinlein’s novel will be included in the newly re-drafted storyline … RYAN (VAN WILDER, BLADE III, GREEN LANTERN) REYNOLDS has been cast as … wait for it … the new Highlander.  Taking over the role played by Christopher Lambert, in this new reboot … THE ROBOCOP reboot is imitating the marketing campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, ala fake corporate advertisements from the future.  This initial AD comes to us from OmniCorp, and in addition to other hardware, gives us a good look at the new version of ED-209, and a very brief glimpse of the new Robo himself:

ACTRESS SIGOURNEY WEAVER has confirmed that AVATAR 2, 3 “AND” 4, will shoot concurrently.  And that she is in all three … AS REPORTED PREVIOUSLY, DIRECTOR MICHAEL BAY is making a 4th Transformers film.  And he says this time there will be more action in space, the robots will be redesigned, and the budget will be about $30Million less … IN OTHER MICHAEL BAY NEWS, Paramount has shut down his produced reboot of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The one where they’re not mutants and they’re not teenagers.  Ninja Turtles has thankfully been scrapped … JOHN CARPENTER’S THEY LIVE has been remastered for a special edition blu-ray and will be released sometime this fall … THE REMAINING INDIANA JONES FILMS will finally arrive on Blu-Ray on September 18th, including all previously available supplemental material, and according to Lucasfilm, additional material as well:

SPEAKING OF SPIELBERG RELATED TOPICS, the writers of Rise of the Planet of the Apes are currently working on a completely new draft of Jurassic Park IV, which people in the know at Universal are said to be very excited about.  No word from Speilberg’s camp … HERE’S YOUR FIRST LOOK AT ANGELINA JOLIE IN RICK BAKER’S MAKE-UP FOR MALEFICENTCompare the new Tim Burton-Produced version of the classic character, with that from the original Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.


IT APPEARS DIRECTOR BARRY (MEN IN BLACK) SONNENFELD has gotten financing for his oft discussed Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens project.  And he’s recruited famed comic book writer Grant Morrison to pen the script.  There’s a preview running around the net now, hosted by the men themselves, evidencing what to expect of the collaboration.  And Sonnenfeld is also reportedly been signed to direct the DC Comics/Warner Bros. adaption of The Metal Men …: CONTRARY TO HIS ASSERTION TO THAT HE WOULD NOT BE SCORING MAN OF STEEL, composer Hans Zimmer has publicly confirmed that he is now scoring Zak Snyder’s film, alternately known under the title of: Superman: Man of Steel1950’s SCI-FI HERO Tom Corbett: Space Cadet is now in development as a feature film … BATMAN & SUPERMAN will finally appear on screen together.  In Warner Bros. LEGO: The Piece of Resistance.  The film is targeted for a 2014 release … MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, Disney’s prequel to Monsters, Inc, now has a teaser trailer.  It’s kinda cute, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out:

AND SADLY, ERNEST BORGNINE died at the age of 95 on Sunday.  “Ernie” as he was called by friends and co-workers provided a voice to one of the CGI toys in the Joe Dante film for Dreamworks, Small Soldiers, and played “Harry Booth” in Disney’s The Black Hole and “Caesar” in the S/F film, Gattaca.  But he will best be remembered by Sci-Fi fans as “Cabbie” in John Carpenter’s Escape From New York.  And he will be missed.  Rest well, Ernie.